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We have designed our entire Traffic Exchange system just for you! Our brand new Auto and Manual Traffic

Exchange software features something for anyone who needs massive amounts of traffic delivered to their

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Using our Auto or Manual Traffic Exchange system on a daily basis will enable your sites to be seen by

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How Does Our System Work?

  1. First you will need to signup for your own Free Member Account!

  2. Confirm your Registration when you receive our Welcome Email

  3. Then... you can login to your new Member Account and "Explore"

  4. Setup your own site links and assign them some Free Credits...

  5. Surf to Earn More Credits and Cash, Sell Credits, Buy Advertising, etc

  6. Its that easy, and new sites are usually approved within 24 hours

  7. Upgrade your account after learning how our system can work for you!

Best Program for surfing

Features :  



  • Does not require administrator privileges to install ( really! )
  • Distribution of bonus credits for surfing within the program
  • Automatic restoration of surfing on error / disconnection (corrected)
  • Ability to write complaints directly inside the program for the current site
  • This version is optimized potrebelenie processor and memory resources
  • Who has that something is "cool" before - try this version and everything!
  • Works in all accounts (User, Administrator)
  • For Win98/ME must be installed . NET Framework version 2.0 or higher (your choice) 
  • (Antisound Patch)

    Site Settings

    Display Settings:  This setting will reduce the number of hits for this site per day.


    The interval between the impressions (IMP):
    Seconds. If you enter 0, then the interval system determines automatically. For reference: 3600 = 1 hour, 86400 = 1 day, 604,800 = 1 week. (Maximum 1 week)


    Раскрутка сайтов

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    The site contains sexually explicit material. Enter this site ONLY if You are over the age of 18!
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